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Pre/Post Installation Inspection - Dish Removal Services LLC

Pre/Post Installation Inspection

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If a new tenant makes a request to have satellite dish services installed, do you have the right to deny the tenant? No but according to FCC Order 98-273 (O.T.A.R.D.), landlords and property managers are allowed to create reasonable restrictions to better regulate the installation process and safeguard the structural value of the property.

As a landlord or property manager, you may not be familiar with all of the options available to safeguard your investment during a satellite installation.   A satellite dish does not have to be a permanent fixture to the property. There are other options such as non-penetrating roof mounts and flat cables that can fit under windows or doors. We can also give you recommended routing options for the installation of  coaxial cable. Our goal is to make the installation as aesthetically pleasing as possible without permanent damage to the property.  Our written assessment can be provided to the tenant and the technician to ensure that the installation guidelines you requested are thoroughly understood.  

We charge fee of just $95.00 for the Pre/Post Installation Inspection.  Ultimately,  we will save you time and money when you have D.R.S. properly assess where and how the dish should be installed. 

Please contact us or give us a call at +1 (267) 341-7261 or chat with a representative.

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