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Why bother removing an existing Satellite Dish?

Satellite dishes are installed as permanent fixtures and are capable of creating water leaks as well as structural damage as they loosen over time. An improperly installed dish can depreciate the value of your investment and can render the roof warranty invalid. Our technicians and consultants have over ten years of telecommunications experience and can professionally remove the dish along with all of its accessories.

Can landlords refuse tenants access to satellite services? 

No - O.T.A.R.D. (Over-the-air Reception Devices rule) requires landlords to allow the installation of satellite dishes, but states they can stipulate where and how they are installed. If you represent a Home Owners Association or you are the owner of a property, our consultants can provide you with a pre-installation assessment to educate you on proper installation techniques, protecting your investment property from costly damage. There are many ways to install a satellite dish without creating any damage to the property. 

We look forward to providing you with a valuable service that will help protect your investment. 


Note: All Standard Dish Removals will be a flat rate of $129.99 plus tax!





Remove satellite dish along with visible exterior cable run


Remove footplate depending on location


Remove signal distribution switch


Seal entry points with silicone


Remove ground wire connection